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myFibroScan app

Your everyday FibroScan® companion

Download我的FibroScan, a free application, to access the Interpretation Guide and Scores by echosens in an easy, fast and intuitive way.


Interpretation Guide for FibroScan® results

Enhanced clinical decision support

The Interpretation Guide utilizes data from clinical studies to assist medical providers in interpreting FibroScan® examination results.

Scores by Echosens

Enhancing FibroScan® liver disease assessment with biological markers

A single biomarker cannot answer all questions. With Scores by echosens, you can combine FibroScan® results with other parameters (biological and clinical) to get the best performance and a better identification of your patients.


How does it work?

Install the application on your mobile phone or tablet.

For Interpretation Guide: manually enter FibroScan® results or scan the QR code of the FibroScan® report so that the LSM and CAP™ values are entered automatically. Choose the etiology and You will receive the fibrosis stage and steatosis grade based on peer-reviewed publications.

For Scores by echosens: choose a Score, enter FibroScan® results, clinical and biological parameters and get the score calculated.

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