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myFibroScan app

Your everyday FibroScan® companion

Download myFibroScan, a free application, to access the Interpretation Guide and Scores by echosens in an easy, fast and intuitive way.


Interpretation Guide for FibroScan® results

Enhanced clinical decision support

The Interpretation Guide utilizes data from clinical studies to assist medical providers in interpreting FibroScan® examination results.

Scores by Echosens

Enhancing FibroScan® liver disease assessment with biological markers

A single biomarker cannot answer all questions. With Scores by echosens, you can combine FibroScan® results with other parameters (biological and clinical) to get the best performance and a better identification of your patients.

How does it work?

Install the application on your mobile phone or tablet.

For Interpretation Guide
Manually enter FibroScan® results or scan the QR code of the FibroScan® report so that the LSM and CAP™ values are entered automatically.

Choose the etiology and You will receive the fibrosis stage and steatosis grade based on peer-reviewed publications.

For Scores by Echosens
Choose a Score, enter FibroScan® results, clinical and biological parameters and get the score calculated.

Create a report that you can share with your peers and patients. 

What our users say


The myFibroScan app gives me quick confirmation and the evidence for this which adds value to the information I can give to the patient at their scan.

Louise Campbell | Founder and Medical Director Tawazun Health – United Kingdom


myFibroScan is a very simple to use app. It helps me in my daily practice to interpret FibroScan® results accurately and precisely using its interpretation guide and access Fast™ score.

Gobind Mandheren | MD at Dr. Gobind Diagnostic and SCAN Center - India

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myFibroScan is easy, fast and intuitive

myFibroScan is a mobile application enabling health care professionals to use software as medical device or in vitro diagnostic medical devices in accordance with their indications for use. The indications for use of these devices are detailed in each user manual.

myFibroScan is a Class I accessory of MD (European directive 93/42/EEC) and accessory of IVD (European directive 98/79/EC)