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Identification of at-risk MASH* patients

Fast™ is a FibroScan®-based Score


Fast™ Target

Current MASH drug developments focus on patients with MASH at-risk of progression to cirrhosis or with compensated cirrhosis defined by Active Fibrotic MASH (MASH + NAS≥4 + F≥2).

Fast™ Construction

Fast™ combines FibroScan® examination results (LSM by VCTE™ & CAP™) with an easily accessible blood biomarker (AST) to help identify patients with active fibrotic-MASH, at the point-of-care, reducing invasive and costly procedures.

Fast™ Performance

Good to excellent performance in derivation cohort as well as in external validation cohorts from different clinical settings (MASLD tertiary care unit, screening, bariatric surgery) and geographical origins (USA, Europe, Asia).
Several publications advocate the use of Fast™.

Fast™: tried and trusted


Improvements in Fast™ are consistent with amelioration of key histologic features of MASH, including both inflammation and fibrosis.

Publication Boursier et al. | Oral ILC (EASL) 2020 : Abstract AS075


Fast™ score demonstrated good discrimination for fibrotic MASH in our cohort.

Publication Anand et al. | European Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology, 2020.


I believe that Fast™ is a key element for MASH clinical trials by enabling to decrease the screen failure rate and would further be of high interest to identify patients eligible to treatments.

Yusuf Yilmaz | Professor and M.D. Gastroenterology and Hepatology, Turkey

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Webinar: Fast™ presented at ILC 2021

Fast™ is an in vitro diagnostic medical device according to directive 98/79/EC.Fast™ calculator is a tool for clinicians, computed from LSM and CAP (obtained from FibroScan® device) and AST blood parameter measurement, to aid in the identification of a patient with suspicion of MASLD as being at risk for active fibrotic MASH (MASH+NAS≥4+F≥2). It was developed based on a prospective multicenter cohort and published in peer-reviewed literature. Fast™ is presented as an educational service intended for licensed healthcare professionals. While this score is about specific medical and health issues, it is not a substitute for or a replacement of personalized medical advice and is not intended to be used as the sole basis for making individualized medical or health-related decisions.


To access the Fast™ User Guides, connect to myfibroscan.com:
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*MASLD/MASH is formerly knowed as NAFLD/NASH