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The non-invasive gold standard solution for comprehensive management of liver health


What makes FibroScan® unique ?

FibroScan® is powered by three unique, patented and validated biomarkers to quickly and easily assess liver health.

Our solutions enable non-invasive diagnosis and monitoring at the point-of-care.

A painless exam performed in less than 4 minutes to provide immediate results at the point-of-care.

Can be performed by any trained operator (physician, nurse, medical assistant).

The non-invasive gold standard solution validated by 4 200+ peer-reviewed publications and 180+ international guidelines.

Standardized examination with exceptional precision and reproducibility that can be utilized in 99% of patients

Equipped with patented technology and proprietary algorithms to deliver consistently accurate results.

Examinations with FibroScan® can inform treatment decisions across the spectrum of disease

LSM by VCTE™ for liver fibrosis assessment

CAP™ for liver steatosis assessment

SSM by VCTE™ for portal hypertension assessment and variceal surveillance*

Which FibroScan® is right for you?

Extend FibroScan® use

* SSM is a marker for non-invasive evaluation of spleen stiffness which has been used in a clinical setting
to assess portal hypertension and for variceal surveillance.

Products in the FibroScan® range are class IIa medical devices as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC (CE 0459)
and are manufactured by Echosens™. These devices are designed for use in a medical practice in order to
measure liver stiffness, and ultrasound attenuation, and spleen stiffness (FibroScan® 630 Expert only)
in patients with liver disease. Examinations with FibroScan® device shall be performed by an operator who
has been certified by the manufacturer or its approved local representative. Operators are expressly recommended
to carefully read the instructions given in the user manual and on the labelling of these products.
Check cost defrayal conditions with paying bodies.