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The non-invasive solution for comprehensive management of liver health


What makes FibroScan® unique ?

Powered by LSM by VCTE™, CAP™ and SSM by VCTE™ for liver disease management.

A painless exam performed in less than 10 minutes to provide immediate results at the point-of-care.

Can be performed by any trained operator (physician, nurse).

The non-invasive solution validated by 4,200+ peer-reviewed publications and 180+ international guidelines.

Standardized examination with exceptional precision and reproducibility that can be utilized in 99% of patients

Equipped with patented technology and proprietary algorithms to deliver consistently accurate results.

When evidence matters and consistency counts

  • Pioneer in the field of liver elastography
  • FibroScan® produces biomarkers that can assess and monitor patients over time 
  • FibroScan® uses uniform algorithms that minimize inter-operator variability and eliminate inter-system variability 
  • 6,500+ FibroScan® installed worldwide enabling millions of liver examinations 
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award (FibroScan®  430 Mini+ model)

Which FibroScan® is right for you?

Extend FibroScan® use

* additional cost


The FibroScan® device (Models: 502 Touch, Compact 530, Mini+ 430, 230, and Expert 630) is intended to measure liver stiffness (E) using Vibration Controlled Transient Elastography™ (VCTE™ ) at 50 Hz shear wave frequency and liver ultrasound attenuation coefficient (CAP™ )* at 3.5 MHz. FibroScan® Expert 630 is also intended to measure spleen stiffness using VCTE™ at 100 Hz shear wave frequency. FibroScan liver stiffness measurements (LSM) by VCTE™ may aid the physician in determining the likelihood of cirrhosis and may be used, taken in context with other clinical and laboratory data, as an aid in the assessment of liver fibrosis. FibroScan CAP™ measurements may be used, taken in context with other clinical and laboratory data, as an aid in the assessment of hepatic steatosis. FibroScan® is indicated as a non-invasive aid for the clinical management, diagnosis, and monitoring of adult and pediatric patients with confirmed or suspected liver disease, as part of an overall assessment of the liver. Results in the pediatric population should be interpreted while considering the clinical condition and the overall patient profile. The FibroScan® device is intended for use by healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics or any facility where healthcare is provided.
*CAP™ refers to ultrasound attenuation coefficient (originally defined as Controlled Attenuation Parameter). CAP™ on S+ probe is only available with SmartExam capability.