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Market Access Resources

Echosens has a collection of Market Access Tools to help healthcare providers make informed decisions regarding the use its products. If you have questions regarding Reimbursement, or need more information, please contact the Echosens Market Access Hotline.  Dedicated professionals are available to help answer your questions.


Echosens Market Access Hotline

  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm EST
  • Email: fibroscan@echosens.com
  • Telephone: 866-905-4837 (option 4)


Market Access Guide for Care Management Utilizing Elastography

FibroScan® Market Access Guide


Additionally, other resources are available to keep you well-informed of the latest market access trends and changes. Please access some of our materials below.

On-Demand Webinars

Current Market Access webinars are listed below. To view the webinar, click on the presentation of interest to register.

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Coding for Elastography

Yes. Elastography is a method of evaluating tissue elasticity (stiffness), which is often related to suspicious abnormalities or underlying disease such as fibrosis or cirrhosis. Using sensitive measure techniques, such as elastography, tissue stiffness can be accurately quantified, and stiffness changes over time can be monitored to help inform diagnoses.

There are two elastography CPT codes: CPT 91200 which is used to report liver elastography without imaging, and CPT76981 which includes imaging. Providers should choose the code which best describes the type of elastography procedure performed.

Yes. CPT code 91200 (Liver elastography, mechanically induced shear wave ([e.g., vibration], without imaging, with interpretation and report) is used to report liver elastography, includes interpretation and report, but not imaging. CMS clarified that should an evaluation and management service be performed on the same day, it is separately reportable.

Yes. FibroScan® can be done before or after a formal liver ultrasound. When non-imaging, shear-wave elastography testing is performed in conjunction with a formal liver ultrasound (either complete or limited), it is recommended that a modifier be used to designate this as a separate and distinct procedure.