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FibroScan®: tried and trusted by healthcare providers

Our solutions support medical professionals across the world from different medical specialties. Discover why they chose FibroScan® for their clinical practice.


As a clinical researcher, I rely heavily on FibroScan® to select the right patient for the right study. Clinical trials in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis typically include patients with specific fibrosis stages. It is thus important to have reliable fibrosis assessment and avoid unnecessary liver biopsies.

Vincent Wong | Hepatologist from Hong Kong


While performing clinical research in the field of metabolic steatohepatitis, I am constantly asked how I can keep my screening failure rate low. The answer is no secret: FibroScan® examination with SmartExam.

Yusuf Yilmaz | Professor and MD. Gastroenterology and Hepatology - Marmara University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


Assessment of liver stiffness and fat by non-invasive method is a huge step forward towards better management of MASLD. It has hugely impacted the way clinicians stratify the patients, chose therapy and monitor response!

Akash Shukla | Professor & Head Department of Gastroenterology Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital Mumbai, India


There is very good evidence for using transient elastography by FibroScan® for assessment of fibrosis in alcohol-related liver disease.

Maja Thiele | Associate professor, MD, PhD at Odense Liver Research Centre, Odense University Hospital and University of Southern Denmark.


Using FibroScan® as an interventional therapy helps primary care physicians and nurse specialists engage patients by demonstrating the results and outcomes as a value change that patients can visualize on a regular basis and give them confidence that their efforts have an impact. […]Weight loss and exercise are the first step in mitigating liver damage.

Louise Campbell | Founder and Medical Director Tawazun Health, United Kingdom


FibroScan® is perfect for use in a primary care setting, it is portable and gives patients an instant result enabling them to leave knowing the result. It is also a very powerful tool to encourage lifestyle interventions. Using the FibroScan® in primary care enables much wider access to this technology for patients and significantly reduces the cost per scan

Ben Inglis| General Practitioner, Wickam Surgery, United Kingdom


In the mobile screening program, the Fibroscan® is both a screening tool and a diagnostic referral tool. It allows us to open up discussion on alcohol and viral hepatitis issues, but also to screen for hepatopathies and organize appropriate follow-up. This tool gives us great autonomy and supports our Risk Reduction approach.

Johann Volant | HIV-Hepatitis Coordinator Association Gaïa-Paris, France

Interview with Nezam Afdhal

Nezam Afdhal | M.D. and Associate Professor of Medicine at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center – United States of America

There are strong correlations of liver stiffness with liver fibrosis in Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and also in other causes of liver disease such as MASLD and MASH.

FibroScan® measures stiffness in the liver via VCTE™, which involves a wave of 50Hz entering the liver with an ultrasound acquisition of the shear wave’s transmission speed and velocity. There are other devices on the market that use similar technologies, but FibroScan® is the only device on the market using true transient elastography. The other devices are less validated and certainly do not give us the comfort and reassurance that we have with FibroScan®. In the United States, this is the only device that is approved for use with these indications. I would recommend this as the only real validated technique for the measurement of transient elastography and liver stiffness.

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