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FibroScan® Gateway

Optimize clinical workflows with real-time secure data transmission


A fast and safe process

Clinical staff always run out of time. With multiple FibroScan® examinations per day, the process of transmitting patient results can be time consuming.

FibroScan® Gateway acts as an integration engine connecting FibroScan® to the EHR (Electronic Health Record) for an automatic upload and storage of the FibroScan® examinations.


FibroScan® Gateway is a 3 step process

The provider enters an order for a liver examination with FibroScan® in their EHR.

Patient information & worklist appear automatically on FibroScan® and the examination is performed.

FibroScan® results & report are automatically sent to the EHR for physician review.

Save time
Reduce examination time, paperwork, and the time between the examination order and report.

Secure data
No manual entry necessary, which means minimalizing typing errors and no need for data transfer using external devices.

Improve patient follow-up
Exam result data and reports can be added to EHR flowsheets for easy retrieval.

Connect FibroScan® to DICOM

Digital Imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) is an option available on FibroScan®. You’ll be able to automatically obtain your patients worklist on FibroScan® and store the exam report in your Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). The DICOM Conformance Statement is available on demand.

FibroScan® Gateway is a Non-Device Medical Device Data Systems (MDDS) and Interpretation Guide (included within myFibroScan application) are Non-Device Clinical Decision Support (CDS) that meet the criteria outlined in section 520(o)(1)(E) of the FD&C Act.