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Echosens Services

From installation, to training and local support, we provide you with the highest quality of services.


Training for best practice

After completion of the on-site training, you will be certified to use FibroScan®. The training is mandatory in order to obtain accurate and reliable measurements. Although anyone can be trained to operate the device, only a healthcare provider is authorized to interpret the FibroScan® results.

To improve the daily practice of our certified FibroScan® operators, we have built a wide range of training tools and resources.

Training center

E-learning platform

Clinical library

Educational webinars

User tutorials

Technical Service Support

To enhance the productivity of our customers, Echosens Technical Support or the local Echosens distributor will support you with a full range of services: technical support, probe calibrations, preventative maintenance, and curative maintenance.

All our support email addresses and emergency numbers or available on the Contact Support page.

Understand and request probes calibration

FibroScan® probe calibration is an essential maintenance service to guarantee the quality and reliability of your measurements.


FibroScan® probes require annual probe calibration. The probes are calibrated by our Echosens-trained team using a calibration bench. A probe calibration report is provided in the probe case upon calibration.

Each FibroScan® device notifies you 30 days before calibration is due. To receive a notification about calibration reminder, restart your FibroScan® on a weekly basis. You can also check the last probe calibration date in the settings tab under system>service> probes memory; the calibration date will be found in the following format YYYY/MM.

Completing the service request form  will create a service ticket; required information will include name, shipping/ billing address, FibroScan® serial number and probe serial number. 

You can also send a direct email to: Echosens Service and Integrated Solutions Team – North America

Local support is available

Wherever our customers are, a local Echosens office or an Echosens distributor will provide maintenance service for their device, in the local language. Echosens distributors are selected to provide the highest quality of service; they receive a thorough technical training and use authentic Echosens spare parts and maintenance programs.