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The non-invasive gold standard solution for comprehensive management of liver health


What makes FibroScan® unique ?

Powered by LSM by VCTE™, CAP™ and SSM by VCTE™ for liver fibrosis, liver steatosis and portal hypertension assessment.

A painless exam performed in less than 10 minutes to provide immediate results at the point-of-care.

Can be performed by any trained operator (physician, nurse).

The non-invasive gold standard solution validated by 4,200+ peer-reviewed publications and 180+ international guidelines.

Standardized examination with exceptional precision and reproducibility that can be utilized in 99% of patients

Equipped with patented technology and proprietary algorithms to deliver consistently accurate results.

When evidence matters and consistency counts

  • Pioneer in the field of liver elastography
  • FibroScan® produces biomarkers that can assess and monitor patients over time 
  • FibroScan® uses uniform algorithms that minimize inter-operator variability and eliminate inter-system variability 
  • 6,500+FibroScan® installed worldwide enabling millions of liver examinations 
  • Winner of the Red Dot Design Award (FibroScan® Mini+ 430 model)

Which FibroScan® is right for you?

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