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Our solutions for clinical trials

Echosens solutions offer a full range of capabilities to support pharmaceutical companies in their clinical trials for drug development in chronic liver disease.


FibroScan®: unique biomarkers for immediate results

FibroScan® is powered by LSM by VCTE (liver stiffness), CAPand SSM by VCTE (spleen stiffness available on FibroScan® Expert 630) for liver fibrosis, liver steatosis and portal hypertension assessment.

Scores by echosens combine FibroScan® with biological markers to enhance liver disease assessment.


Immediate results from a rapid, non-invasive assessment
High patient/provider acceptance for longitudinal assessments.


True point-of-care assessment tool
Operated by a trained operator and immediately interpreted by healthcare professional.


We see a lot of patients with fatty liver disease in our clinics and conduct many clinical trials in this therapeutic area. From a clinical research perspective, FibroScan® helps characterize patients and ultimately improves the rate at which we find patients who will be eligible for participation in clinical trials. It has played an important role at our four clinical research centers, and we are very pleased with this non-invasive means of assessing liver health.

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Dr Juan Pablo Frias| M.D., Medical Director and Principal Investigator, National Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA

Consistency of data
FibroScan® uses uniform algorithms that minimize inter-operator variability.

Easy to operate, portable solution
Patients can be assessed anywhere thanks to the portable format of the FibroScan®. This allows you greater flexibility depending on the patient’s condition or the public health situation.

Enhanced clinical decision support

Based on a selection of clinical studies, the Interpretation Guide assists physicians in interpreting their FibroScan® examination results across most etiologies of chronic liver disease with widely accepted cut-off values.


Echosens partners for research


institutions use FibroScan®  for clinical trials


peer-reviewed publications


international guidelines

Broad acceptance in clinical research

Echosens is engaged with many sponsors in screening and monitoring patients for clinical trials in NAFLD/NASH.


The use of FibroScan® has tremendous value:

  • Once we have a patient on an FDA-approved treatment, we can potentially use FibroScan® to monitor response to therapy.
  • For those people that aren’t responding, we may stop the ineffective drug.
  • For those that are responding, we can provide positive reinforcement to continue to take their medication, remain compliant with their medication and effect a positive outcome that is potentially longstanding and will have a positive impact down the road on their long-term outcomes.
  • Finally, where we are able to utilize VCTE down the road, in the sense of predicting long-term outcome, that would be the Holy Grail and the hope for tomorrow.

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Dr. Stephen Harrison| M.D., gastroenterologist and hepatologist, medical director of Pinnacle Clinical Research, and visiting professor of Hepatology, University of Oxford.

More than 1,000 clinical institutions chose FibroScan® for their trials.


FibroScan® and Scores by echosens are available in most countries, with possibilities of extensive private and public payer reimbursement depending on your location.

FDA and CFDA cleared. CE marked technology.