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Our solutions for clinical trials

Our Expertise and Turn-Key solutions supporting each step of your trial and driving success


Accelerate clinical trial & optimize trial cost effectiveness

Echosens provides best-in-class liver non-invasive tests,
to help reduce screen failure rate and monitore treatment response.

FibroScan® accurately assesses presence
of steatosis, fibrosis, cirrhosis & active MASH*.
*Formerly known as NASH

De-risk trial execution & ensure high data quality

Increase the control of your trials with our expertise in MASH diagnostic,
we support you to standardise the capabilities of FibroScan®
and maximise operator proficiency.

Prepare for drug approval, market access and launch

The same solutions are used in clinical trials and in routine practice,
which allows you to accelerate your market development.


Echosens your end-to-end partner for research


clinical trials as NIT provider

up to 17

millions of exams per year


countries equipped


years of clinical experience in liver

A set of solutions to support each step of your trial

Echosens - a set of solutions to support each step of the clinical trials

Best-in-class liver NIT
for every phase of your trial

Use of LSM by VCTE™, CAP™ and Fast™ to pre-screen patients
and significantly reduce biopsy screen failure rate.

FibroScan® and Scores provide capabilities to monitor treatment response.

Use of LSM by VCTE™, Agile 4 score, and SSM by VCTE™ to rule-in presence of cirrhosis.

Our solutions allow you to collect as much data as possible on non-invasive tests to build up evidence to support the removal of liver biopsy as a primary endpoint.

Unique secured service:
de-risking execution, ensuring quality

We support you in qualifying clinical sites (surveys, project management) and accelerate their readiness for first inclusion.

This standardization of sites capabilities and future operators maximize the performances of FibroScan® solutions.

Echosens provides actionable Quality Control to secure the quality of data collected during the trial and triggers corrective action in a timely manner (alerts and tailored operator retraining).

Preparing for commercialization

Enlarge diagnostic capacity when your drugs hit the market with
a cost-effective test, associated workflow and established recognition.

Echosens is engaged with many sponsors in screening
and monitoring patients for clinical trials in MASLD/MASH.
More than 1,000 clinical institutions chose FibroScan® for their trials.

Users' stories

“The use of FibroScan® has tremendous value:
Once we have a patient on an FDA-approved treatment, we can potentially use FibroScan® to monitor response to therapy.
For those people that aren’t responding, we may stop the ineffective drug.
For those that are responding, we can provide positive reinforcement to continue to take their medication, remain compliant with their medication and effect a positive outcome that is potentially longstanding and will have a positive impact down the road on their long-term outcomes.
Finally, where we are able to utilize VCTE™ down the road, in the sense of predicting long-term outcome, that would be the Holy Grail and the hope for tomorrow.”

Dr. Stephen Harrison
|M.D., gastroenterologist and hepatologist, medical director of Pinnacle Clinical Research, and visiting professor of Hepatology, University of Oxford.
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“We see a lot of patients with fatty liver disease in our clinics and conduct many clinical trials in this therapeutic area. From a clinical research perspective, FibroScan® helps characterize patients and ultimately improves the rate at which we find patients who will be eligible for participation in clinical trials. It has played an important role at our four clinical research centers, and we are very pleased with this non-invasive means of assessing liver health.”

Dr. Juan Pablo Frias |M.D., Medical Director and Principal Investigator, National Research Institute, Los Angeles, USA

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Dedicated White Paper

With clinical data, evidences and figures, this white paper illustrates how FibroScan® and its associated solutions are used by the Pharmaceutical Industry and Clinical Research Organizations for drug development purposes.

Dedicated Webinar

Watch our webinar to learn how FibroScan® Solutions can support through all the steps of your trial journey. Professor Castera reviews the benefits of FibroScan® and its composite Scores in late-phase MASH trials, including showing the capability to significantly reduce screen failure rates, monitor patients, and accelerate confirmation as a clinical benefit.
On top of the NITs usage, the Echosens team presents how we partner with the clinical sites and sponsors to implement robust quality control processes to support standardization of FibroScan® data.

FibroScan® and Scores by echosens are available in most countries. FDA and CFDA cleared. CE marked technology.