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FibroScan® GO

The state-of-the-art non-invasive solution, affordable to all.

Powered by LSM by VCTE™ and CAP™ for liver fibrosis and steatosis management.

Supported by 3,500+ peer reviewed publications and 160+ guidelines.


An affordable and cost-effective solution…

Flexible and affordable pay per exam offer.

All services included.

 …to improve liver health management

Screening of at-risk patients for early intervention.

Immediate medical decisions at the point-of-care for improved patient outcomes
and a higher healthcare efficiency.

Diagnosis, patient stratification, monitoring of disease progression.

A powerful tool for prognosis of disease course.

A comprehensive solution at the point-of-care

Integrates instantly into an office-based practice with small footprint and connectivity.

Enhanced clinical decision support with the Interpretation Guide and Scores by Echosens available on myFibroScan.

A smaller, mobile equipment for easy integration for multi-site configuration.

A centralized and secure data management with Echosens Cloud.

Online patient file for easier medical follow-up.

User management and exam activity monitoring.

Tried & Trusted


FibroScan® is perfect for use in a primary care setting, it is portable and gives patients an instant result enabling them to leave with the result.

Ben Inglis | General Practitioner, Wickam Surgery, United Kingdom


Fibroscan® is key to providing a Community service, which is part of the wider pathway to increase early detection and timely intervention and management of patients with and at-risk of liver disease.

Karen Street | Chief Operating Officer, Solent Medical Services, Southampton


FibroScan® as an interventional therapy helps primary care physicians and nurse specialists engage patients by demonstrating the results and outcomes as a value change.

Louise Campbell | Founder and Medical Director Tawazun Health, United Kingdom

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Peace of mind with pro-active and dedicated support

Assists you with onsite installation and training.

Includes maintenance, calibration of probes and software updates.

Easy access to continuous training and users community with Echosens Academy.

FibroScan® 230 is a Class IIa medical devices as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC (EC 0459). This device is designed for use in a medical practice in order to provide liver stiffness measurement at 50 Hz shear wave frequency and liver ultrasonic attenuation (CAP) at 3.5 MHz ultrasound frequency. Liver stiffness and CAP are indicated as an aid to diagnosis and monitoring for adult and pediatric patients as part of an overall assessment of liver disease. Examinations with FibroScan® 230 device shall be performed by an operator who has been certified by the manufacturer or its approved local representative. Operators are expressly recommended to carefully read the instructions given in the user manual and on the labelling of these products. Check cost defrayal conditions with paying bodies. FibroScan®, among others, are trademarks and/or service mark of Echosens Group.

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