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Software SmartExam

Enhance FibroScan® capabilities for improved management of fatty liver patients


Continuous CAP™

Improve reliability in the diagnosis and monitoring of steatosis

With SmartExam, a new computation method allows continuous measurement of CAP™ during the entire examination. In addition, when CAP™ measurement doesn’t meet the quality criteria they are automatically rejected.

SmartExam with Continuous CAP™ decreases variability by 50%.1

Continuous CAP™ can be measured on children with the S+ probe*  to prevent them from undergoing biopsy.

Deeper assessment of liver fibrosis and steatosis

Extend usage among severely obese patients

With SmartExam, the maximum recommended PCD (Probe to Capsula Distance) is 45 mm (vs 35 mm without SmartExam) representing an increase of 28%.

Tasks automation

Dedicate more time to the patient care

E (liver stiffness) and CAP™ gauges automatically increase when measurements are validated.

Measurement depths are automatically adapted to patient’s morphology

Operator gets notified when liver is too deep.

These task automation features were designed to further enhance the standardization of the FibroScan® examination.

SmartExam is available as an option.

What our users say


SmartExam is a key technology for improving standardization of FibroScan® and eliminate liver stiffness and CAP™ measurements bias caused by the long probe-to-capsule distance in patients with obesity; thus, it increases the diagnostic accuracy and reliability to identify fatty liver and assess fibrosis in this clinical population.

Yusuf Yilmaz | Professor and MD. Gastroenterology and Hepatology - Marmara University Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey


The obese population that we receive for FibroScan® examinations has increased substantially in recent years. CAP™ has become essential to our prescribers to precisely monitor patient’s steatosis. SmartExam allows us to address difficult patients and to provide reliable results to our prescribers.

FibroScan® nurse referent | at Cochin University Hospital, Paris, France

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Products in the FibroScan® range are Class IIa medical devices as defined by Directive 93/42/EEC (EC 0459). These devices are designed for use in a medical practice in order to measure liver stiffness and ultrasound attenuation in patients with liver disease. Examinations with FibroScan® device shall be performed by an operator who has been certified by the manufacturer or its approved local representative. Operators are expressly recommended to carefully read the instructions given in the user manual and on the labelling of these products. Check cost defrayal conditions with paying bodies.

*CAP™ is not available on S+ probe in all countries.

1.SmartExam: E. Bardou-Jacquet et al, Validation of the Continuous Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAPc) using the MRI-PDFF as reference. EASL 2022 poster #FRI-228​.