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Enhancing the management of NAFLD patients with FibroScan®-based scores

With 25% of NAFLD global prevalence, identifying early and accurately patients at increased risk of developing cirrhosis and liver-related complications is key.

Watching this symposium will give you information on how to reach this goal using FibroScan®-based scores:
Fast™, targeting patients with NASH + NAS≥4 + F≥2 and the 2 new scores for the identification of advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis in suspected NAFLD patients namely Agile 3+ and Agile 4. 

Our two speakers: Professor Jérôme Boursier, from France, and Professor Mazen Noureddin, from United States, will do a review of available literature, present clinical study results and, discuss advantages of these scores versus other noninvasive markers. Then, they will go through two clinical cases to understand how those scores could easily be implemented in your daily clinical practice to enhance management of patients with NAFLD and quickly answer your questions about diagnostic and prognostic.  


Professor Jérôme Boursier
Professor Mazen Noureddin
United States
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