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Beyond Biopsies: The Revolution of Liver Health with FibroScan®

In the first episode of Liver Health Shaper, embark on an insightful journey into the realm of non-invasive liver diagnostics. This discussion navigates the transformative impact and advancements in liver health management.


Host: Laurent Sandrin, founder of Echosens


– Professor Mazen Noureddin, Professor of Medicine and Director of the Houston Research Institute in Houston
– Laurent Castera, Professor of Hepatology, Université Paris Cité, Beaujon Hospital in Paris, France


Topics covered in the episode:

The Role of FibroScan®
– Discussion on how FibroScan® has become a gold standard in the non-invasive assessment of chronic liver diseases.
– The impact of non-invasive solutions on clinical practice in the US and Europe.

Importance of Early Screening and Comprehensive Care
– The critical role of early screening in preventing advanced liver disease.
– The necessity for precise, reproducible measurements in liver disease management.

Future Challenges and Opportunities
– Innovations in liver health management and their importance for the medical community.
– Upcoming therapeutics and the role of non-invasive diagnostics in patient identification and treatment monitoring.

Each episode of Liver Health Shaper is a journey into the heart of non-invasive liver diagnostics and management, featuring the latest innovations and trends. Join us as we unpack insights and state-of-the-art advancements from leading specialists. This podcast is powered by Echosens.

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