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Echosens Takes a Proactive Leadership Position

October 9, 2019


Fighting Against The Global Liver Disease Epidemic

Taking a strong leadership position against the looming worldwide epidemic of liver disease, Echosens is dedicated to the assessment of chronic liver disease and positioned for exponential growth.

Headquartered in Paris with offices in the greater Boston area, Echosens has gained a reputation as a technology innovator with the resources and capabilities to further grow and scale our operations worldwide.

Our leadership team, including business executives with deep, global experience in medical devices, technology and business transformation, is deploying innovative strategies to promote a platform of technologies designed to advance the diagnosis and monitoring of liver fat.


Transforming a Single Product into a Technology Platform

We began with a single product: our FibroScan® technology to non-invasively assess the stiffness of the liver. FibroScan has evolved into an enterprise platform of products and services designed to broaden the utilization of liver disease assessment for a greater number of providers and payers in both public and private sectors.

Our newly announced senior leadership team is implementing strategies and scaling the organization appropriately to enable further market expansion beyond our already impressive global footprint in 84 countries spanning five continents.

This sets the stage for the development of a robust pipeline of products and roll-out of an even broader technology platform. Today, FibroScan is recognized worldwide as the reference for non-invasive liver diagnosis, supported by more than 2,000 medical publications and 40 guideline recommendations.


Providing Significant Value

FibroScan quantifies the stiffness of the liver via proprietary and patented technique of VCTE™. Simultaneously, FibroScan also estimates the extent of liver fat with CAP™. These measurements can be compared over time and combined with other biomarkers to create disease scores that can be used for diagnosing and monitoring liver disease.

The degree of liver tissue stiffness and fat content can provide diagnostic information about the presence or status of disease, which is critically important in the diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), an asymptomatic condition characterized by elevated levels of fat in the liver – – and associated with the alarming prevalence of obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

A two-minute examination with FibroScan offers a quick estimate of a patient’s liver fat content and stiffness. FibroScan is designed to be performed by a medical assistant in the physician’s office, and is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance plans.

Rapid results and test scores are analyzed by the physician, empowering health care providers with data and information that they can use in real time to refer patients to a specialist or recommend changes to their overall care plans, if needed. Wider availability of FibroScan for diagnosis and monitoring will make a critical difference in the lives of individuals who face chronic liver disease.