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Upcoming National Health Center Week Showcases Leaders in Preventative Medicine and Early Detection

Every August, the nation’s healthcare delivery system recognizes the vital work of community health centers (CHC). National Health Center Week is August 7-131 highlights the staff of these primary care beacons of underserved populations. One in 122 U.S. citizens depends on CHCs, also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), for their care. FQHCs are early adopters of documented, value-based population healthcare delivery that is today a driving force for better outcomes and to control costs.

Managing diabetes and related programs is a crucial focus for National Health Centers. The impact of diabetes and associated diseases, such as cardiac, pulmonary and liver disease, is “staggering” – $327 billion annually for diabetes alone as measured in 2017 – according to3 the National Association of Community Health Centers.

The High Cost of Liver Disease

About 30 million4 Americans have liver disease and the number is rising, linked to increasing cases of obesity and diabetes. As with many primary care providers working to prevent people from getting sick, FQHCs spend much time educating their patients about wellness, such as diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Until recent years, there was no conclusive, non-invasive test to diagnose liver disease early. The condition was not evident until patients presented with symptoms, often past the point where lifestyle change could reverse liver damage. However, that changed when Echosens introduced FibroScan®.

FibroScan® significantly transformed the practice of liver assessment and is validated by more than 3500 peer-reviewed articles and 160 international guidelines.

At Echosens, we quickly have come to appreciate the excellent work of National Health Centers as they deploy FibroScan® to help patients and meet their population health management goals.

FibroScan® for Liver Disease Early Detection

“With the placement of FibroScan® technology in the FQHC practice settings, providers can better demonstrate their support for optimal value-based reimbursement,” says Jon Gingrich, CEO, Echosens North America. “FibroScan® is becoming an essential component of high-quality patient care ─ a level of care that every individual, regardless of economic or social status, deserves.”







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