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Understanding NAFLD-NASH in the Non-Liver Specialist Setting

October 21, 2019


Monitoring Liver Health at the Point of Care


This white paper examines the growing role healthcare practitioners (HCP’s) play in treating individuals who are obese and have Type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), a significant contributor to advancing fibrosis and asymptomatic non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

Data shows that no more than 20% of people with diabetes ever see an endocrinologist, underscoring the need for increased vigilance at the point of care to address the associated onset and prevalence of NAFLD and the value of an examination with FibroScan, a painless, five-minute screening that can be used to diagnose and monitor liver health.

“Researchers have found NAFLD in 40 to 80% of people who have T2DM and in 30 to 90% of people who are obese. In research that tested for NAFLD in people who were severely obese and undergoing bariatric surgery, more than 90% of the people studied had NAFLD.”

People with NAFLD were found to have higher rates of cancer, with the greatest increase observed for gastrointestinal cancers, according to findings presented at the 2018 AASLD Liver Meeting.

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