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Leveraging ​​​FibroScan® Solutions in Clinical Trials

Thursday, April 6th
from 12 PM to 1 PM (Eastern Time)
from 6 PM to 7 PM (Central European Time


Driving NASH clinical trials today is increasingly challenging: high screen failure rates, need for specific population, high-quality data and competitive patient enrolment, etc. It requires advanced non-invasive testing (NITs) strategies and expansion to new clinical sites, settings, and countries with varying levels of experience in NASH trials. 


Join our webinar to learn how FibroScan® Solutions can support through all the steps of your trial journey.


Professor Castera will review the benefits of FibroScan® and its composite Scores in late-phase NASH trials, including showing the capability to significantly reduce screen failure rates, monitor patients, and accelerate confirmation as a clinical benefit.

On top of the NITs usage, we will discuss how Echosens partners with the clinical sites and sponsors to implement robust quality control processes to support standardization of FibroScan® data.


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Prof. Laurent Castera
Beaujon Hospital, Clichy (FR)
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