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June 2022 is Liver Health Matters Month

Echosens Continues to Advance Worldwide Liver Disease Management.


This June, during Liver Health Matters Month, Echosens is reflecting on the inroads we have made in the past year as we continue to pioneer the field of liver diagnosis and management.


FibroScan®, an easily implemented tool for monitoring the impact of lifestyle changes on liver fat, providing early detection, monitoring, patient education and engagement around lifestyle changes, continues to be recognized worldwide as the reference for liver fibrosis and liver steatosis assessment.


About this time last year we had 2,862 product-related publications and 131 product-related guidelines, and today we have 3,432 product-related publications and 162 product-related guidelines.


In the past year, we’ve also launched three new global products designed to optimize the overall FibroScan® experience.

New Technology Products

FibroScan® Expert 630 is our complete non-invasive solution for liver disease management, powered by liver stiffness measurement (LSM by VCTE™) CAP™ and spleen stiffness measurement (SSM by VCTE™) as part of an overall assessment of the liver.

Our SmartExam software unlocks three key benefits for users: improved reliability in the diagnosis and monitoring of steatosis with continuous CAP™; extended usage among severely obese patients with deeper assessment of liver fibrosis and steatosis; and task automation features that enable physicians to dedicate more time to patient care.

We also launched FibroScan®-based Agile scores to easily detect advanced fibrosis and cirrhosis in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) patients. Included on the free myFibroScan app, users can now assess a patient’s liver health in just a few clicks, making interpreting results quicker and easier than ever.

We’re highly grateful to our team leaders and champions for continuing to challenge the status quo in improving the management of silent, underdiagnosed chronic liver disease, which includes NAFLD and its more severe form nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). Diabetes raises the risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition in which excess fat builds up in the liver even for those who drink little or no alcohol. What’s more, NAFLD is associated with an increased risk for future cardiovascular disease (CVD), including coronary heart disease (CHD), heart failure, stroke, and arrhythmia.

We are propelled by the fact that a number of chronic liver diseases can be reversible if diagnosed early.

Committed to Innovation

For more than two decades, Echosens has generated robust clinical data that is extremely valuable in helping providers, benefits decision-makers and payers understand how a point-of-care examination can improve the quality of specialist referrals – reducing waste from unnecessary and often invasive testing.

During Liver Health Matters Month, it is gratifying to highlight our exciting technological advances and demonstrate our commitment to innovation and value in the field, reflected by the essential and actionable data to support and advance liver health management.

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