myFibroScan : smart app to manage chronic liver diseases

MyFibroScan is a free, intuitive and smart application that streamlines your management of chronic liver diseases.



This FibroScan companion enlarges the suite of diagnosis tools based on FibroScan results (LSM and CAP). It also provides a proven source of information for Liver scientific publications, guidelines and FibroScan best practices.

Key features

Content dedicated to physicians : 

  • Hepatic score library : from your FibroScan results, access tools dedicated to liver.
  • Interpretation Guides : according to scientific publications, assist all FibroScan users in interpeting patient examinations results (fibrosis stage and steatosis grade)
  • PAN* : Medical Device that combines E and CAP results assess the probability of Active NAFLD, NAS>3 or NAS=3. (CE Market product. Only present in authorized countries).
  • BMI computation : Rapidly compute BMI of your patient
  • FibroMeter VCTE : combine biological approach of blood scores (FibroMeter) and the physical approach of VCTE technology (liver stiffness measured with FibroScan) : to be released in next version.

Information for FibroScan users : 

  • Access to FibroScan related scientific publications
  • Regular updates with last publications and scientific events
  • Tips about FibroScan usage
  • Easy to use
  • Free content.

*Only present in authorized countries


Interpretation guide