Learn more about FibroView™Gateway

In this article, Echosens proposes you to learn more about this new tool, available with FibroView ®


Product Features : 

  • Connects FibroScan devices and HL7 protocol compliant applications (Electronic Medical Records and Laboratory Information Systems)
  • Provides Worklist service for FibroScan devices
  • Transmits examination results to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) in order to store exam data and report in Patient electronic file
  • Monitor remotely FibroScan devices configuration.


Streamlined patient workflow

  • Digitize workflow to speed-up FibroScan exam and reporting process
  • Increase productivity by managing patient worklist directly from the HIS
  • Save time by automatically uploading exam results in EMR patient file.

Secured data integrity

  • Limit manual entry by sending patient data from the EMR
  • Reduce reporting errors via auto-population of patient file
  • Avoid usage of non-secure removable storage devices.

Centralized monitoring of FibroScan devices

  • Get easy and remote access to your FibroScan devices fleet

Seamless integration to existing data management systems

  • Connect with multi-vendor EMR/HIS systems
  • Build a solution to fit your own integration needs

Customized  service and support

  • Work with a dedicated customer support representative (TBC)
  • Benefit from continuous support from feasibility to installation and assistance

HIS technical compliancy

  • HL7 protocol. Ready for FHIR, DICOM
  • HTTP(s) / (s)FTP / TCP socket / shared directory data transfer

The FibroView® Gateway application is compatible with many electronic medical record (EMR) systems.

If you already have an EMR system established in your organization, the FibroView® Gateway data management application is a good option for you. We have set up successful integrations via HL7 with many EMR systems in the past. We can work with you to do the same for your organization.

Via HL7, FibroView® Gateway interfaces with patient management EMR, LIS and many billing systems. Specifically designed for easy management of your patients, FibroView® Gateway is a great compliment to your existing data management system.”

Platform prerequites for installation

  • Windows Server 2012 or later on physical or virtual server
  • RAM : 8 GB
  • Storage space : 50 GB
  • All authorized network connections with targeted HIS applications and FibroScan devices

Use case

One or more FibroScan devices are installed in your hospital / clinic. You are using Electronic Medical Records and therefore you need to connect FibroScan devices to streamline the patients and exams management for FibroScan. Admission and exam appointments are centralized using dedicated applications. Patient’s exams results need to be stored in patient files on EMR so that physicians and nurses can access data at any time from any computer in their daily patient management workflow.

As for the majority of Hospital Information Systems, HL7 communication protocol is the common language for all these applications.

FibroView Gateway is installed on a server in the hospital IT. It is configured in order to receive Worklist messages from Hospital Information Systems and build patient appointment list for scheduled exams on FibroScan devices. No more manual input of patient information is necessary on the device by the operator. The patient information is available on FibroScan device, and starting an exam consists in selecting the corresponding patient on the screen.

At the end of the exam, data and report are automatically sent to FibroView Gateway, also configured to transmit data directly to the EMR for storage in appropriate patient file.

FibroView Gateway adapts to the hospital application configuration and HL7 protocol usage. Configuration of the product takes in charge all possible messages format needed to comply with protocol implementation.

Application is secured:  configuration is accessible to administrator through password protected interface. Supervisor profile allows to access monitoring information.

For easier setup, connection with FibroScan is automatically established using Echosens built-in communication protocol over http(s). Light configuration is required on the device.

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