Pre Examination requirements

  • Patient shall be fasting for 3 hours or more1,2
  • Patient shall be lying on the examination bed for at least 3 minutes before starting the examination
  • Operator shall be duly trained and certified by Echosens or its local representative. The present document is not intended to provide user training.
  • Ensure that the probes are calibrated

a jeun avant examen



Examination room set up

Examen lit


Probe selection criteria

  • Ensure that the correct probe is used corresponding to the patient’s body type:
    • To choose between M or XL probe on adults, follow the automatic probe selection tool displayed in real time, based on the Skin to Liver Capsule Distance (SCD), and not on patient’s BMI.
    • For children, probe selection criteria are based on thoracic perimeter (TP)
    • Probe selection algorithm is given in Figure 1 below

 Graphique sonde



Examination contraindications [FOR USA ONLY]

FibroScan is contraindicated on pregnant women and on patients with active implantable medical devices.



Examination reliability criteria

  • At least 10 measurements at the same spot shall be performed with one single probe
  • Liver stiffness IQR/Median ratio (%) shall remain ≤30% when final median stiffness result exceeds 7.1 kPa2


score élasticité US



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